Monday, April 12, 2010

3 days of pyrexia + cephalgia

Finally I have the free time to update my blog. Kinda busy lately, with all the assignment and tests. Ughhh.. and right now I'm recovering from pyrexia + cephalgia which has been more than 3 days. Such a pain in the ass! Oh! for those who the term pyrexia, it means a fever. And cephalgia means headache. LoL! I think it sounds cooler that way~.

During the 3 days it was torture for me. Doing my assignment and studying really sucks that time. I had to use my brain 50% below capacity. Sneezing while studying~ ewwwww, damn it! what I read just went out of my mind. That's why my Engineering Math test sucks. I'm doomed!

In the morning today I felt better although i still have a sore throat. I went to class and do my public speaking. Thank God it went well. Worked till the end and I scored =). Better yet, I only have 1 class on Monday. So i can rest a a lot (if I'm not playing DotA) huhu.

Here are some snapshot of the presentation and other group also =)
waiting for other people to get here, I'm early! =)

LoL, so into the game!! *look at the screen*

"Things to do on a date" my group member.

"Things not to do on a date" my group member.

"The ouija board" uuuuu~ scary!

By the way, my group public speaking title is " Getting into a relationship "
so, for those of you who need any help, just tell me.
I'm a Doctor.

"Nature always takes her time. Great oaks don't become great overnight. They also lose a lot of leaves, branches and bark in the process of becoming great"

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