Monday, January 24, 2011

Standing at the edge

When everything around you seems to collapse

and the world seems like a

cold, dark, and lonely hole;

in the midst of all the pain and unhappiness,

know that I will be the one

standing at the edge

with a smile and understanding in my heart,

and an outstretched hand to help pull you out;

to help you see that

within the darkness of this world,

our love will be the light to guide us through.

And when I find myself in that same dark hole,

I know that you will be there

standing at the edge

waiting for me.

by Sweetie Shellie

2 responses:

zaty luvlianncezzz said...

sape ek sweetie shellie tue


btw sweetie zati dtg nie!!!


Sly Nolan said...

huhu. tah. x knal pon. sbb die yg tulis. xkn nak claim sndri kot :p.
zaty da mmg sweet la :)
zaty nak jd sweetie camne?
my sweetie nak? :p